Stop Violence! Stop Rape! Stop Bullying!

{March 22, 2013}   As I Sit Here AlonQuickly Engulfed Emptiness
Motions and Emotions

Motions and Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 how they’ve left a person with a lesson learned or caught in emotions it changes a person forever. I’m staring down a crossroads in my life I’ve traveled, been a work-a-holic, and unemployed not looking or caring. Having survived the ultimate horrifying, abusive childhood; I’m left wondering,”What’s the purpose of my life? Why is abuse of all kinds so freaking prevalent all over the world; and Do People Get Any Satisfaction from torturing those incapable of defending themselves?” These are questions I fear none of us can answer; as there are no facts; just opinions and beliefs. My hope is that by writing these blogs and getting my book published, I’m able to leave behind a legacy. A legacy of a child’s pain and suffering and how I broke free from it all. For the sole purpose to help others. I want to remind those who feel all hope is gone and nobody cares; that there is always hope.  Throughout my life I’ve accomplished much yet leaving so little behind I’m consumed by an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and emptiness I’m not sure how to deal with these feelings.  How ironic. I’ve felt these feelings for as long as I can remember; yet I am still in search of coping mechanisms. An outlet I’ve discovered is writing along with helping others.

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