Stop Violence! Stop Rape! Stop Bullying!

{November 29, 2012}   It’s been awhile…

Are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution.

It truly has been a while since I’ve made postings. Let’s just say I have been going through a rough patch.
It began after my last posting and/or comment here. I got overwhelmed by so many overwhelming dramas. As you all know I’m a strong activist and advocate in the fight against rape and all forms of violence. (Including Emotional, which should never be disregarded, yet so often it is)
While being a Manager/Admin/Moderator/Content Creator for The RINJ Foundation (Rape Is No Joke) I also ran support groups on several different sites on my own; providing aid, resources, understanding, and most importantly Empathy and Knowing they could count on me for support any time; I helped a countless hundreds get through crisis; as well as saving hundreds of lives doing Volunteer work. (I have no regrets whatsoever with any of my volunteer work) I in turn became the target of cyber-bullies not only making fun of RINJ; but making crude remarks about me. I apparently caught attention with my aggressiveness in matters of  rape/violence/bullying that I BECAME the target. I couldn’t take it. I cried uncontrollably, I’d stay locked in my room for days and weeks. I had let those bullies who  derived so much pleasure on emotionally hurting others to actually let them get me into such a rut.

With the help and support of my peers at The RINJ Foundation; I began to grow a thicker skin. To continue moving forward and not let the slanderous and cruelness of their overall behavior keep me down and preventing me from helping other people. I got completely engrossed in all of my work, I had lost sight of my own personal priorities. i.e.; Personal Relationships Failed(losing all friends I had, and relatives), I lost financial aid for college because  I failed to complete taxes in time, I failed in paying bills which in turn led to the loss of my home my car.

I was penniless with nobody in proximity to give a damn. I had nowhere to go, to live. I contacted a Facebook buddy. He said sure, he would be glad to help. I had no idea of his 2 adult and 3 children who lived in his basement until I was in the car with him. When he said he was living with strict Mormons I thought,”My stepmother was a strict Mormon. I can take it”. I found myself in an argument over religion the first few days of my living their. I honestly can’t remember how it started, all I remember is utilizing what I learned on “Productive Arguing” from communications class. Active listening, reasoning, did not prove beneficial. I remained calm asking her to please listen to me, very nice and calmly. She screamed,”no I can’t listen, can’t even be in the same room as you. etc.”, while slamming everything around. After that, I felt like a burden. I paid rent on time, bought my own supplies, I kept to myself staying only in the computer room and the room I was renting. I noticed the female’s behavior toward and around me changed to judgmental with a hateful disposition. The male who owned the house started sleeping with door open at night. Suddenly day by day he trusted me less. I am what people read on Facebook, Google+, and all sites. I do not fake my own character for so long. I am incapable of it. He knew I wasn’t of that religion, he knew I was a good person. Little things changed that would never bother him, but would bother her. (I feel very sorry for her husband and 3 children) After visiting with my sister I walked into computer room and sat down to turn on computer. That is when he told me I had to be our within a few days. He got up and walked out of the room and I heard only the television blaring. I could tell I had to be out asap. While I was packing my stuff he said,”You know you’re not being asked to leave because we hate you”; I cut him off and said,”I know, I’m different”. The nonverbal clues I was reading from him told me that he didn’t want it to be so black and white; he didn’t agree with forcing me to leave. He said,”Well we’re all different”. I just can’t help but wonder what the point of staying there was. It was approx. 2 months until I was asked to leave.

I then moved to a different state. Living in a barn with cows and chickens with my online contacts as my only comfort and support. I’ve turned my need to help others into a writing career for me so that in time; I will indeed be virtually on my own, not living with anybody or receiving gov’t assistance; I will be independent. That is my 2-4 month goal.

I’m still a Manager for The RINJ Foundation. I still talk to those who need help.

I even created a community called: Bullying Stops Here

This community is taking a stand against bullying by joining together to let bullies know “THERE IS NO TOLERANCE FOR THEIR DESPICABLE BEHAVIOR”. Spreading awareness and educating people of all ages globally; is the first key to ending the ongoing struggle with bullies.
Thousands upon thousands of children, teens, and adults are targets of bullying every year.Cyber-bullying being an increasingly prevalent problem.

I’m now a Self Employed Freelance writer. Working my way up to independent living. It is only a matter of time.

Thank you to all of you for taking the time to read about my last few hellish months.(rewarding months as well)

I will write more very soon, but for now, must get to work.

Take Care Everyone.


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