Stop Violence! Stop Rape! Stop Bullying!

{July 19, 2012}  

RRINJ dot Org Urges Creation of New Law :: Wire Service Canada

Over the years I’ve met individuals who have been raped, but did not report because of  an earlier rape that happened in which nothing was done. This law is just, and it will help protect all concerned. Let’s help those who’ve been victimized come forward and seek help without fear, shame, or guilt. 

At the same time, stop the idiocy of people saying they were raped who weren’t. These false rape claims are made up by those who want revenge on someone, or they are attention seekers, or for many different reasons. Whatever their reason may be, we can not tolerate it. The outcome spells DISASTER for the innocent person’s entire life. 

The creation of this law will take care of two things with one shot. 


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